MICRO CRYSTAL’s New RV-3032-C7 High Performance Temperature Compensated Real-Time Clock

Grenchen, Switzerland, October 15th, 2020 – Micro Crystal introduces the new RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock (RTC) Module, which offers the world’s best time accuracy across industrial temperature range at ultra-low current consumption.

This high-performance ultra-compact RTC Module, featuring a custom IC and integrated quartz crystal resonator, sets new standards in smallest size (half of the footprint of a uSOP-8 package, no additional external components required), best accuracy (±0.26 s/day at -40° to 85°C operating temperature), ultra-low current consumption (160 nA timekeeping mode), and unique power management capabilities.

The RV-3032-C7 is ideal for applications requiring always-on timekeeping functions, with compliance to stringent clock accuracy over time, wide temperature range, and long battery life. It has been designed with smart metering and other similar industrial or consumer applications, such as wearables and IoT, in mind.

Thanks to its extremely low power consumption and power management features, including wide supply voltage range (1.2 to 5.5 V), automatic backup switch, versatile charge pump, and programmable trickle charger, this device can be coupled with a small sized, low capacity, rechargeable battery, or a low cost coin cell power unit. This reduces the overall dimensions and the manufacturing cost of the end product while optimizing the life of the battery.

“The new RV-3032-C7 Real-Time Clock Module, which includes our state of the art quartz-based DTCXO [1], is the most innovative, benchmark setting device amongst Micro Crystal’s product line. The RV-3032-C7 sets new world standards in regard to accuracy across temperature, low power, and smallest sized package. The design team has applied their 40 years of frequency control expertise to develop an impressive component where customers’ requirements have been identified, thoroughly analyzed and defined, in order to develop and produce this best in class device. Besides all standard RTC’s features, it includes multiple extra functions, like data protection through password, and MHz output frequency, now available for the first time in the market in such a tiny device,” said Hans-Rudolf Gottier, CEO of Micro Crystal AG.

“Offering solutions to critical design constraints linked to accuracy, power supply, size and battery life, the RV-3032-C7 RTC will definitely help engineers in developing next generations of smart products. The availability of a programmable high frequency clock output to drive the central MCU, and access to the high-resolution thermometer, used for accurate thermal compensation and allows setting temperature threshold alarms with interrupt function, will support numerous unique and new applications, said Roland Haeni, Head of Application Engineering at Micro Crystal AG.

The part is hermetically sealed in a compact reflow solderable DFN [2] ceramic package with the dimensions of 3.2 x 1.5 x 0.8 mm, RoHS/Lead-Free compliant and AEC-Q200 qualified, which facilitates new design-in.

Further information & availability

The RV-3032-C7 RTC Module is available for sampling now. High-volume production quantities will be available Q1 2021.
Samples and demo boards can be ordered from the homepage.
Link to website: https://www.microcrystal.com/en/products/real-time-clock-rtc/rv-3032-c7/

[1] DTCXO: Digitally Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator
[2] DFN: Dual Flat No Leads