RV-4162-C7 This ultra small RTC Module has been specially designed for miniature and cost sensitive high volume applications. The very small SMT ceramic package combines the 32.768 kHz crystal unit with the CMOS-based oscillator and real-time-clock circuitry. The clock function provides tenths/hundredths of seconds, seconds, minutes and hours. The calendar function tracks date, month, year and century with automatic leap year compensation. Programmable CLKOUT frequencies, alarm settings and watchdog function increase flexibility


  • Low power consumption: 350 nA @ 3 V
  • Wide operating voltage range: 1.0 V to 4.4 V
  • Provides year, month, date, weekday, hours, minutes and seconds, tenths / hundredths of  a second
  • Programmable Alarm and Interrupt
  • Programmable Clock-Output 1, 2, ...8'192, 32'768 Hz
  • Watchdog Timer: 62.5 ms to 31 min timeout
  • I²C-bus interface: 400 kHz
  • Automotive qualification according to AEC-Q200 available.

Block Diagram


The RV-4162 RTC module combines standard RTC functions in high reliable, ultra-small ceramic package at best cost

  • Automotive: Drive recorder, Emergency call units, BMU, Dashboard 
  • Metering: Smart-Meter,  Utility metering, PV Converters
  • ATM & POS systems, Ticketing Systems
  • Medical: Glucose Meter, Health Monitoring Systems
  • Safety: Security & Camera Systems, Door Lock & Access Control
  • Consumer: Gambling Machines TV & Set Top Boxes, White Goods
  • Automation: Data Logger, Home & Factory Automation


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