New C8-series of Real-Time Clock Modules

Micro Crystal introduces its new series of ultra-small Real-Time Clock Module dedicated to extreme small sized and lightweight designs.

The release of the two first Real-Time Clock Modules of the C8 series is helping designers to build smaller and lighter electronic devices.

C8 series is combining CMOS dedicated RTC chip with embedded micro-sized quartz crystal in a 2.0 x 1.2 mm 8-pin ceramic case.

With a reliable hermetically vacuum-sealed metal lid, the C8 series offers 0.7 mm low-profile, compact and ultra-lightweight RTC components.

Achieving same performance as its C7 predecessors with 50% footprint reduction at only 2.4 mm2, the RV-8063-C8 and RV-8263-C8, with respectively SPI and I²C bus, are the new alternative for ultimate standalone nano-power (190 nA) timekeeping function on your PCB when size is paramount.

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