1000 different models of MikroE Click board

Micro Crystal is part of it with “RTC 8 click” featuring RV-3028-C7 Real-Time clock

With its Time-saving embedded tools Mikroe is an impressive partner developing add-on boards and enabling engineers to envision their design ideas.

As one of the peripheral used, an RTC module built with Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 is available among the 1000 Click Boards proposed.

Do you need to quickly check your new IoT idea? The best way to extend battery life is to operate your MCU only when needed, so use the RTC with the lowest timekeeping current: RV-3028-C7 from Micro Crystal and keep your MCU in deep sleep mode!

RTC 8 click from Mikroe featuring Micro Crystal RV-3028-C7 Real-Time Clock module is a perfect solution for the development of the IoT, wearable and portable devices, logging devices, industrial and health-related time metering applications, and all the other applications that require an accurate time-base for various purposes. Test your solution easily and build prototypes quickly to prove your concept.

Check here for details: https://www.mikroe.com/rtc-8-click

This board is available directly on:

MIKROE-3456 Mikroe

Mouser Electronics:
MIKROE-3456 Mikroe

Micro Crystal would like to congratulate the Mikroe team on this impressive achievement and look forward to helping Mikroe on the road to new heights!