MD&M WEST SWISS Pavilion August 10.-12. 2021

During the fair one of the key topic addressed has been digital health where Micro Crystal is active.

The discussions with attendees this year were focused on their particular projects, mainly implantable designs and wearable applications. They all emphasized the requirements for miniaturization and low power consumption.

Enabling the evolution of low power sensor monitoring, Micro Crystal technology has received a warm welcome from medtech engineers with its Implantable Grade and Healthcare Crystal Timing Solutions.

Sensors can now help to track a wide variety of key metrics including respiratory rate, sleeping patterns, blood pressure, blood glucose level, heart rate, implant status and other critical health functions that historically have been monitored during traditional onsite visits and check-ins. With low power sensor technology, patients can be monitored 24/7 and data can alert physicians of something requiring their attention, a change in a critical measurement, or a progressing trend that could be otherwise missed. High-frequency feedback can also help optimize medication dosing and manage conditions as effectively as possible.

Micro Crystal is proud to be part of powerful solutions development and digital transformation in life science as a leading supplier of timing solutions.