Company Policies

For Micro Crystal, product quality has top priority for all employees. Our services are oriented towards the requirements of our major customers. Quality awareness also helps to optimize costs.
  • Product quality
  • Requirements of major customers
  • Cost optimization
  • Employee satisfaction

Flexibility Quality awareness must be flexibly oriented towards the different, rapidly
changing requirements of the customers.

Quality mentality

Micro Crystal’s Management Team as well as the staff members in leading
positions provides an active example of quality conduct in all areas of the
company. They motivate the employees to consistently think in terms of
quality and cost.

Avoidance of mistakes

All important procedures and process steps are defined in writing. The
employees know and understand these instructions. Everybody
contributes actively to ensure that these instructions are constantly
adapted to the changing requirements.

Avoidance of mistakes and improvements

Problems that present themselves must be quickly analyzed, corrected
and the suitable measures introduced. All managers are responsible for
entertaining an in-house environment, where problems can be pointed out and discussed openly. Through continuous improvements in technologies,
processes, products, services, quality environmental protection, safety and

security, Micro Crystal will also retain its market position in the future.

Customer demands
The relevant statutory, regulatory and customer-specific requirements are
implemented and integrated in the management system.
In all production steps, we try to reduce the use of materials as far as
possible and employ environment-friendly materials. To ensure an
environmentally sound disposal of waste, ecological considerations have
priority over cost optimization.

Ethics and Social Responsibility

Due to ethical considerations, Micro Crystal does not supply any products
designated for the manufacturing of arms. Micro Crystal complies with the
minimum social standards.
All employees at Micro Crystal are treated equally, independent of their
gender, colour, religion, or nationality.


With the main suppliers we build up a partner relationship. Thus, we
ensure that product improvements and possible technical or administrative
problems can be openly discussed and solved immediately.
According to current requirements, the main suppliers will be visited by
leading staff members of Micro Crystal in order to get an idea of their


Great attention is given to the health and safety of the employees. With
appropriate work places, training and instruction of the employees, safety
is ensured at all levels.

Occupational health and safety

According to the legal requirements and risks, we commit ourselves,
through appropriate goals and measures, to avoid or reduce injuries and


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